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Evolving Together


The EVOLVING TOGETHER Project is aimed at promoting the development of a solid foundation of intercultural dialogue among women from all backgrounds. It promotes an innovative, forward-looking vision of women’s challenges and progress as protagonists of their lives and promoters of social transformation through collective action.

The Project will be implemented using a participatory methodology that will assign an active role to its partner associations and bring value to all stakeholders involved. Three seminars are planned to be held focusing on women fromLatin, North African and Pakistani backgrounds respectively and a final conference will be attended by women from all cultural backgrounds. Each seminar will feature a world-renowned guest speaker from the field of women’s human development in their country of origin and two other speakers; an immigrant woman from one of the partner associations and a Catalan woman with sufficient experience in intercultural thought and action for the empowerment of all women. Seminar attendees will include women from the abovementioned countries of origin and Catalan women who are committed to intercultural dialogue. The Final Conference will bring together women from all cultural backgrounds and will be open to members of partner associations, experts and active citizens.

The Project is based on humanist and democratic values present in all cultures of those women taking part and whose purpose is to build fairer, more equitable and tolerant societies. Likewise, the Project is seeking to analyse the challenges that women from each and every one of the cultures have to face, as well as suggesting proposals to evolve together and generate multidirectional improvements in all women’s personal, family, legal, educational, social and economic aspects of their lives.

The expected outcomes to be obtained as a result of the intercultural thinking process include producing a set of proposals for women of Latin, North African and Pakistani origin so they can:

  • Develop their human potential.
  • See their basic rights respected in practice.
  • Escape the social isolation in which they often find themselves.
  • Be active players in social transformation within their communities.
  • Contribute towards building a more equal society which is more equitable in terms of access to public goods and more inclusive for different cultures, and on equal terms, together with indigenous women.



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