Immigration and Health Area

From Compatriot to Compatriot Service

This Service is addressed to women, men, children and foreign families living in extreme vulnerability and at risk of social exclusion. The main purpose is to achieve standardized access to the healthcare system, giving priority to primary health care and health care for pregnant women and children.

The portfolio of provisions includes:

  • Facilitate access to minors, pregnant women and foreign population from all origins to public health services. They are given information about the census process and the individual health card procedure.
  • Providing pharmaceutical assistance and healthcare during the procedure for individual health card.
  • Personalized information to solve social needs in situations of extreme vulnerability.
  • Free access to family planning services, legal counselling, psychosocial support and career guidance programs of Asociación Salud y Familia.

This service is being carried out in collaboration with a number of different Primary Health Centres and with the existing network of foreigners information and help centres in the city of Barcelona.



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