Immigration and Health Area

Intercultural Mediation in Health Centers

This program has intercultural mediators who work directly in various health centers in Catalonia. This is intended to facilitate language and cultural understanding between foreign patients and medical staff, thus contributing to a quality health care for foreign and native patients and facilitating the development of carework of all professionals.

The program aims to facilitate the integration of foreign people into the culture of the host society while contributing to the necessary transformation of native institutions, so that health centers adapt to cultural diversity.

Intercultural mediators’ team provides ongoing mediation in the following health centers: Hospital del Mar, Centro de Urgencias Pere Camps, CAP Drassanes, CAP Besòs Mar, CAP Sant Joan. Furthermore, these mediators collaborate actively in all programs of Asociación Salud y Familia offering activities and services for the foreign population.

* Programa Seminario de Formación de Mediación Intercultural en los centros sanitarios - Marzo 2017

* Programa Seminario de Formación de Mediación intercultural en los centros sanitarios - Diciembre 2016



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Programa Mediació cultural als centres sanitaris
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