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Childhood and the Mediterranean Project

The Mediterranean area has decades of migration and accelerated needs of social and cultural adaptation. In this context, the children of the area are extremely vulnerable while meeting great potential for the future. Consequently, transnational cooperation in the fields of health and social care for children is a commitment to human development and intercultural dialogue.

Barcelona is one of the Mediterranean European cities that have been configured as a space for joint initiatives and projects involving multicultural, political and economic diversity in the area. In partnership with the City Council, Asociación Salud y Familia has woven over the years a network of non-governmental organizations and experts playing an active role in social issues and in promoting maternal and child health in the area. This line of work has identified significant problems; propose solutions to find ways of sharing and exchange of best practices and training that have helped to remove restricted access to a large population of mothers and children to health care.

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Projecte Infància i Mediterrani
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