Support for women and families Area

Impuls Program: Integration and Employability for Vulnerable Moms of Migrant Origin


The main objectives of this service are:

  1. Contribute to the development of professional and basic skills.
  2. To improve the chances of finding work of each woman.
  3. Give support to each woman in their search of training and employment.

Portfolio of services

  • Guidance and encouragement of motivation for academic and professional training.
  • Information resources for women jobseekers.
  • Help in creating a good resume: writing, editing and advice.
  • If necessary, online job search with the user (creating e-mail, log on websites, finding job offers, data entry ...).

Employment resources

  • List of temporary agencies in Barcelona (address, web site...).
  • List of companies of domestic staff.
  • List of web sites dedicated to general job search (infojobs, infoempleo,...)
  • list of web sites dedicated to finding work by sector.

Training resources

  • Updated list and adapted to profile of schools and courses available on demand by the user: address, price, etc.
  • Profiles and registration information for official studies (ESO; FP, etc.): Enrollment period, prices, centres, documentation, etc.

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