Reappraise Programme

Reappraise Programme

For a sustainable family economy

The Reassess Programme is a free information service,offering guidance and training on sustainable home energy consumption, responsible consumption of basic commodities and informed use of financial products. It is primarily aimed at vulnerable families with children, in order to help them maintain a balanced family budget.

The Programme includes a Virtual Resources Bank for a sustainable family economy, which is continuously updated and expanded. It acts as an aid and reference point for keeping up-to-date with the Programme’s benefits and services.

Its portfolio of services includes:


  • Personalised information on how to save and reduce your home energy bills, including electric, gas and water.
  • Information and support when applying for social tariffs with energy suppliers when low-income families are provided with this option.
  • Information and support when applying for any available state subsidies to temporarily cover rental costs among low-income families.
  • Personalised information about sustainable consumption options regarding basic food and hygiene products.
  • Training aimed at vulnerable families and NGOs on strategies and options available for achieving long-lasting, balanced household economy.




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Virtual Resources Bank

  • Hogares con una potencia contratada inferior a 3kW:
  • Personas con 60 años o más
  • Familias numerosas
  • Familias con todos los miembros en paro
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