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School Time Banks

The School Time Bank is an educational program based on cooperative learning. It involves all students exchanging, sharing and learning knowledge, skills and competencies. The Time Bank educate in the values ​​of reciprocity, respect for others, personal initiative and commitment.



This Bank works with the diversity of students in the classroom so that it takes advantage of the cultural diversity of the students and their families. It also promotes the active participation of families in the learning process of their children and reinforces the involvement of teachers.


  • Improve relationships at school
  • Increase school performance
  • Strengthen students' communication skills
  • Facilitate links between students and teachers
  • Create learning opportunities through mutual aid

Implementation and Development

The School Time Bank is a simple, adaptable and flexible program in their development in the classrooms of primary, secondary, and high school. This bank can be carried out by adopting various teaching methods such as:

  • Tutorial action program
  • In specific subjects
  • Group workshops  
  • Monographic sessions


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