Time Refound

Time Refound




Asociación Salud y Familia is seriously involved in promoting and designing TIME POLICIES that include schedule reforms and proposals for new time use and organization in the social, professional, domestic and personal spheres. In Catalonia and Spain, there are enormous differences in the amount of time dedicated by women and by men to caring for children and dependent relatives for which they have shared responsibility.

Most unremunerated activities for the support and maintenance of human life fall on the women and, in the best of cases, it is them who must plan and organize domestic and care work before taking on the portion they are responsible for in a supposedly equitable arrangement.

The digitalization of homes and workplaces is leading to tentative steps towards a fairer division of care work, although the gender wage gap and the failure to allow female talent to reach its full potential are reasons for public concern.

Women sleep less, they rest less, they do little or no physical activity and they work more hours on average than men. This manifest inequality is even more accentuated among immigrant women and women with lower levels of professional qualifications.

TIME REFOUND project brings together information and assessments on Best Practices as well as opinions and tested proposals for evolving towards greater levels of gender equality in time use, greater well-being in the lives of women and, as a direct result, a better life for everyone.










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